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I recommend the site Web Sellers Circle and as a member I know this is another great way to network.

Web Sellers Circle is a site that gives you the tools you need to be successful with any online venture. They cover topics such as online selling venues, e-books, marketing, product sourcing and much more. I’ve been a member since the beginning and I am always amazed how much I learn.

Cindy Shelbly and Dany Bryn are the owners and the brains of this great site. The amount of knowledge the two of them have is impressive and the fact they can take that knowledge and teach us is a talent. There is a great discussion board for questions and lots of help. You can find articles and hours of video filled with information covering many topics. Cindy and Dany are both very approachable and always asking for ideas on what the members want and I feel that is important.

You can sign up for the free newsletter or consider joining by clicking on the banner on my site. There are 3 ways to join one month renewal, 3 month renewal, or yearly and at $125 that is by far the best option.

This is another great way to network especially on the discussion boards where you meet other members and share ideas and information. I used to think that you needed a huge network to be successful but a smaller group of sharing and networking together can accomplish a lot. I think getting to know the people you are networking with means a lot and over time can really help your business. The plus side to a smaller network is many over time become friends as well as business associates and in the world today no one can have to many friends.

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