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I have found that I actually enjoy Twitter  and as an added bonus it is a great place to Network. We all have our favorite social networking sites and for many it is Facebook. Don’t get me wrong I’m on Facebook too but given the choice Twitter comes first every time.

I think that since time is always short Twitter is a lot quicker to use and not as involved as Facebook. I tend to get on Twitter for a little bit and then get off and get some work done and it is easy to just pop in and out during the day without spending a lot of time on the site.

I think with any type of social networking you have to establish some relationships with people. I am quick to unfollow people that only post stuff for sale and nothing else so I try to find a balance between sales and sharing with people.

I have been very lucky to meet some great people that over time have become friends. We share part of our day and also sales which is a great way to network. I usually try to get on Twitter about the same time every day and often my friends are on then too. There are days it is not even about networking just a couple of friends chatting about their day. I actually look forward to seeing my friends on there and it is often a nice short break during the day.

I use Tweekdeck and have my friends organized in lists which makes it very easy to see tweets from them. I also use Hootsuit to schedule my tweets at times but have to admit I tend to schedule less tweets and just do it when I am on.

I do try to limit my time on Twitter so that I can get my work done but if you are looking for a quick and easy way to network try Twitter . You can find me bookcornercafe and a few of my friends birdhousebooks, JohnJZiemba, renagades, brenners57, antiquedaze and mymomsbooks This is just a small group of my friends that I regularly tweet with on Twitter. If you haven’t used Twitter lately you should check it and come follow me.

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    Great thginikn! That really breaks the mold!

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