How Important is Online Networking?


I wonder if you realize how important online networking is today and how it can help your business? We are all trying to carve a little piece of the web for ourselves and our businesses and to do that we need to network.

I am going to use Ebay as an example since I have been selling there for many years. I, like most Ebay sellers have had both good and not so good times with Ebay but overall I like selling there and my sales have been improving. I sell many one a kind vintage type items so I have some repeat customers but not as many as I would say if I sold kids clothes. We all know kids constantly need clothes but one of a kind items need that special buyer looking for that item.

There are many different ways to network today and really there is no right on wrong place just what works for you and your business. I am partial to Twitter as my first choice and have seen my business grow using Twitter .  I do know that in order for any type of networking to work you need to have a relationship on the site not just post your items for sale. I also believe to build up that network you need to take time and nurture it just like you would in the brick and motor world. If you think about it networking online is not that different from networking in your personal lives.

The same basics apply regular contact with people, sharing (not just sale items), treating people like you want to be treated, passing along their information to help them and all working towards the goal of building a business. These things apply to both Twitter and if you were a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. There is really no difference in the principles just how they are done.

There are many ways and many places to network online today and we each need to find what works for us and our businesses. I joined the ultimate blog challege which besides helping me to focus on blogging it is also a networking opportunity. We are posting our blog posts on Twitter . and sharing information and it’s a great way to meet new people, share business info and even become friends long after the challenge is over.

Tomorrow I will share another way to network with friends and as the days go by I will show you the sales that have followed from networking.

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