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I post on 3 Blogs and so in doing this challenge I am posting on at least one of my blogs each day. In a perfect world I would be posting on each one every day but we all know plans have a way of falling apart. Life just gets in the way sometimes with other obligations and so to be fair I am posting each day just not every day on this blog.

I do hope by doing this challenge I will get better at regular posts on all three blogs. I think it is like anything else what we want to get done in a day and what actually gets done can be quite different.  I start my day out thinking about a blog post and then something happens and it could be awhile until I get back to it if at all that day. I am sure you all know how that works.

I set up a blog that is just about the items I am selling on eBay and that is the easiest of the three to post on each day. I take one item and post about it and include a picture. Today’s post was about a Glenn Miller Stamp Collection that I have up for auction this week.

If you would like to know a bit more about the items I sell you can follow this blog  I love vintage items and enjoy selling them in fact I often find things that I would rather keep then list.

Lot of Glenn Miller Stamps

Lot of Glenn Miller Stamps

So I will be listing each day on this blog, my eBay blog and my group blog

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