When I was growing I was often impatient for things to happen like family events, the last day of school and holidays. I would count the days and wish they would go faster since to a child it seemed it took forever to get to what I was waiting for.

My mom would always tell me to just wait until I got older the time would fly by and of course I didn’t believe her. Well now those years have gone by and I often her hear saying those words over and over again and now realize how right she was. Time now seems to fly by like this clock.

Do you feel that way?

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I think we all feel like there is just not enough hours in a day to get everything done. If you are an entrepreneur then it’s even harder to accomplish everything you want to do in a day. I have found one way to stay focused and accomplish what I want to get done is to schedule my day. I try to write a to do list for the day and am working on planning out the week to see if that helps.
calender image
I sell on eBay and I know I need to work on driving more traffic to my items with my blog and social media posts. It is hard to fit it all in so I think a weekly plan will help me focus and accomplish what I want.

One nice thing is I can schedule blog posts and also social media posts which should help me with my weekly goal. I also need to set limits on how much time I spend in posting on social media. The hard part is finding the right amount of time spent vs getting the most out of what I post. My goals are both to make friends and chat with people and drive traffic to my eBay items.

I am hoping by putting these goals in a blog post I will be able to accomplish them. My main goals are blog posts on here, Book Corner Cafe n More Blog and These are the DSRs of Our Lives Blogs. I also regularly post on Twiter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Do you have goals you are looking to accomplish and if so what tips do you have to help you accomplish them?

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eBay Item Blog

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I post on 3 Blogs and so in doing this challenge I am posting on at least one of my blogs each day. In a perfect world I would be posting on each one every day but we all know plans have a way of falling apart. Life just gets in the way sometimes with other obligations and so to be fair I am posting each day just not every day on this blog.

I do hope by doing this challenge I will get better at regular posts on all three blogs. I think it is like anything else what we want to get done in a day and what actually gets done can be quite different.  I start my day out thinking about a blog post and then something happens and it could be awhile until I get back to it if at all that day. I am sure you all know how that works.

I set up a blog that is just about the items I am selling on eBay and that is the easiest of the three to post on each day. I take one item and post about it and include a picture. Today’s post was about a Glenn Miller Stamp Collection that I have up for auction this week.

If you would like to know a bit more about the items I sell you can follow this blog  I love vintage items and enjoy selling them in fact I often find things that I would rather keep then list.

Lot of Glenn Miller Stamps

Lot of Glenn Miller Stamps

So I will be listing each day on this blog, my eBay blog and my group blog

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I keep telling myself I am going to blog regularly and start out with good intentions but you know how that goes. I decided to sign up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of October. You are right I am getting a late start but I am planning on blogging every day this month. I always think I have to write and rewrite things like I used to do for school papers but have come to realize that blogging is different. Don’t get me wrong I do want to write good blog posts but sometimes all the writing and rewriting gets in the way of actually posting something.

So I am doing this blog challenge for the rest of the month and hopefully will post each day for the rest of the month.

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I love fall and this picture is a perfect example of a beautiful fall day in PA. What does fall mean to you? To me it means the leaves change colors, cooler weather, sweaters and sweatshirts and blogging. That does sound like an odd combination when you read blogging but let me explain.

I love all the seasons but spring and summer are always so busy and I spend so much time outside. Then fall arrives with cooler nights and it starts getting darker earlier so I spend more time indoors. We eat dinner much earlier and I have an evening ahead of me so more time to relax and blog. That is why to me fall is blogging season.

I sell on eBay and write about my vintage collectible items on my other blog and my friends and I post on a  group blog.

So what does fall mean to you?

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Twitter and Facebook

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We love to start our day with Twitter and like most people one of the first things we do is turn on our computer when we get up. It’s very easy to spend hours on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook but if we want to get anything else done during the day we need to spend about 20 minutes a day on both sites.

Today we will share how we spend our time on Twitter and tomorrow how we spend our time on Facebook. We have used Tweetdeck for a long time and love it although there are a variety of other things you can use. We always say good morning to our Twitter friends first and then we spend some time thanking our friends who have either mentioned us or Re-Tweeted our tweets.

We do post items we have for sale and so that is next and usually do about 5 but no more then 10 in the morning. Since we mainly sell on eBay those tweets come from eBay and again it only takes a short time to do this.

We go on about the same time every morning and often see the some of the same people on and will chat to them which can still be kept in that 20 minutes or so time frame.

Then on Friday many people do a Follow Friday and use the #FF and list good people to follow so that is a must for Friday mornings.

That is how we spend about 20 to 30 minutes a day on Twitter every day. There certainly are times when we go back on but this is the way we use Twitter every morning and it is a great way to start the day.

We would love to have you follow us on Twitter and chat in the morning.

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We all know how important Social Media is for many reasons. We sell items online we use it to promote our items and we also use it to keep in touch with friends and family.

There are many different types of Social Media and our favorite hands down is Twitter. We do use other types of course since we sell online but Twitter is our favorite.

We use Twitter for both promoting our items and chatting with friends. We have found it is quick  and fun and that is the reason why Twitter is our favorite way to start our day.

Tomorrow we will tell you exactly how we use Twitter and how easy it is.


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Evel Knievel The Daredevil

This man was considered an American Icon when I was growing up and very exciting to watch when he was attempting a stunt. The show Wide World of Sports was on for many years and in 1974 he attempted to Jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho and that earned him the number one spot on that show. What thrill to watch him on TV and even more exciting to see him come to a local race track to perform.

August 16, 1970 he was at Pocono Raceway for a performance and this is the original advertising flyer from that event. They put on numerous motorcycle races at the Pocono track and he was at one of the races to perform one of his amazing stunts. The flyer is not dated but after searching I found a time line of his jumps and Pocono Raceway was listed on this date.

Vintage Advertising Flyer


This original advertising flyer is up for bid this week at The Book Corner Cafe n More Store. You can stop buy and check it out until Sunday night and bid and then it will be gone.



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Every day online entrepreneurs spend hours in front of their computers to make a living. We deal with the sites we sell sell on, blogging, Twitter, Facebook and of course that never ending amount of email. Do you see yourself in this sentence?

This cute graphic made me stop and think for a minute how lucky a cat is to be able to do this. We all know cats spend hours sleeping just about anywhere unlike humans who never seem to get enough sleep. How many of you actually get 8 hours of sleep a night? I can bet not to many since there is to much to do and not enough hours in a day to do it. Does this sound familiar?

I decided to use this graphic to remember that I need those lazy times to just relax and recharge. Online entrepreneurs often forget as much as we need to work and make money we also need to relax and actually step away from the computer. Wow there I said it! I love the computer but I know I accomplish more when I’m on the computer if I’m willing to actually spend time away from it. I know it’s hard to believe in this day and age we are able to become unplugged even for a short time but I know I am happier and more productive if I do just that.

So next time you feel overwhelmed why don’t you think about this graphic and take some time to relax and recharge. You might be surprised at how much better you feel and how much you can accomplish when you do get back to work.

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eBay stores have been around a long time where items could be listed and left for the right buyer. The low fees allowed many to keep hundreds if not thousands of items in inventory.

The world of online selling started changing and Amazon came in to the picture with no up front listing fees which was quite unlike eBay. This format quickly caught on with sellers saving a lot of money on listing fees. I loved this because you could list items and let them sit without paying monthly fees.  A word of caution here Amazon and eBay are totally different and you need to learn how to sell on each one.

I have had an eBay store for a long time and seen many changes to that format. There are 3 different types of stores with different prices and also fees to list.  They each have both good and not so good points and each person has to evaluate their business to see what works best for them.

I have always wanted a small inventory and one that sold instead of having a huge inventory that sat waiting for the one right person to come along to buy. I think as time goes on and more and more people sell more and more items online it is harder to do that consistently.  There is more compition for every dollar spent online, more places to buy items and less people buying.

What do you think is a large or small eBay inventory the best for you and your business?




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