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When you think of your neighborhood Cafe you think of coffee and conversation and we want to welcome you to our Cafe on the Internet. We are always amazed how the world is at our fingertips and we can share virtual coffee and conversation here at the Cafe with so many. Our Cafe is a place to browse our items and visit with our friends so pull up a chair and take a moment and check out our pages and blog.

Over the years we have collected many books and other items and love sharing them with others. Each and every collectible has a story to tell and if only those items we hold in our hands could talk what a story they could tell.

Reading and books are truly our first love and vintage collectibles of all kinds are next. Have you ever held a children’s book from 1950 in your hand and wondered how many times this has been read at bedtime over those many years? Have you ever picked up a vintage metal dollhouse and wondered about the little girls that spent hours playing with it? Vintage books and collectibles truly have a story to tell and also bring back so many memories of a happy time for many of us.

The more we talk to people the more we noticed that not all collectibles have to be vintage. There are many younger people who cherish an item and it is truly collectible to them even if it is only say 10 years old. They will probably keep that item over the years and as they age so will the item but don’t overlook items that are not vintage in your quest as a collector. There are many people that will tell you it is not only the age of something that makes it collectible it is what memories it holds.

Memories are an amazing thing and something very special to each and every one of us. This is something truly unique to each of us and 2 people can hold the same vintage toy in their hands and have so many different memories. We have always been intrigued listening to those memories and how different people are when they hold a vintage item in their hands. We have seen an item come alive when someone is speaking about an item and there is joy in seeing the sparkle in their eye.

Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

How many of you remember your Christmas Tree filled with these large colored lights? The really nice thing about these is if one light bulb was out it was so easy to replace unlike the tiny lights of today.

Vintage Christmas Balls

Do you remember when you would decorate your Christmas tree with all kinds of balls in all different colors? Here is a box of vintage glass balls and we have many other Christmas decorations to check out.

We love sharing those stories and memories with people and also offer items for sale that can bring back those happy memories for adults. We all know that every collector often has room for just one more item that they had as a child or must add that one item to a collection they already have. If you are a collector of anything you are a collector for life.

There are many types of collectors from ones that collect only one type of item to people that collect everything and anything. We tend to lean towards anything and everything since over the years both great grandparents and grandparents have left their treasures for us. Those treasures adorn our house and mean so much and will be passed on to our children someday.

We will be adding pages about items we collect and also about vintage items that we have found that are looking for a new home. You can check out our items we have for sale at these selling venues and we are adding new items every day.



We have always felt that the world of books and collectibles is a world that should be shared. We would love to hear from you if you have an idea  or something you would like to share. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the site or any of our items for sale. Thank you for stopping by we appreciate all our visitors.


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